LG has developed a unique 3D CINEMA TV with 3D glasses which are comfortable and stunning 3D Sound named 47LM7600,  LM7600 LED TV is also designed as a Smart TV that offers a sophisticated and Magic Remote Best Home Dashboard. The  bring out the taste with 2D to 3D conversion feature that allows you to change its 2D into 3D, so the limitations of the 3D content will no longer be a problem. SCREEN CINEMA its design is also a brilliant feature that allows the loss of the entire bezel when the TV is turned off. Happy Watching!

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47lm7600 New Technology



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If you enjoy the depth, realism and entertainment of 3D at the theater, you’ll love having it at home with LG Cinema 3D on the LG 47LM7600 TV*. 3D viewing will be more comfortable and enjoyable. With a 3D depth setting, you can set the level of 3D effect as you want. And it’s not just 3D. It’s crisp 3D on a brilliant LED Plus display. On top of that, it’s loaded with the virtually limitless entertainment capabilities of LG Smart TV 47LM7600. Staying in has never looked better. This is what home entertainment is all about.


47LM7600 Smart Share PlusSmart Share in 47LM7600 allow you to browse and share files/content and external devices from external storage, Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop with Wi-Fi networks on your TV screen. With this feature you can also watch TV programs on your device and now it’s easier to see a big moments on the big screen. Intel Widi (Wireless Display) technology allows quick and easy connection between TV and PC / Laptop without cable or internet network.

47LM7600 CINEMA3D Smart TVLG Smart TV

An intuitive, easy way to access thousands of movies, customizable apps, videos and the web; all organized in a simple-to-use interface.

You’ll never have to step foot in a video store again with apps from Netflix and Vudu. And rushing home to watch your favorite TV shows will be a thing of the past with access to Hulu Plus.**

LG 47lm7600 CINEMA3D Magic Remote VoiceMagic Remote Works Like Magic

Pointing: “Point” and “click” – Easy Magic Motion for your 47LM7600 Smart TV. Just point to what you want and the sensors follow right along.
Gesture: Perform simple movements in your Magic Motion to do special orders and shorten the time.
Wheel: Repeat Scroll up and down like a “mouse”

With this magic remote, Selecting features on your TV is as easy as the wave of your hand with the Magic Remote Control.

3D World Feature

47LM7600 CINEMA3D 3D World

3D Movie: Get a 3D movie with ease through a 3D World
3D Games: Find more fun games that are available through a variety of LG 3D CINEMA

FPR 3D Panel

47LM7600 FPR 3D PanelLG CINEMA 3D is the latest generation of 3D TV that uses the 3D FPR technology, bringing the best quality and comfort of modern 3D cinema to television for the first time. FPR 3D technology works through non-electronic polarized glasses that comfortable and special film that is attached to the panel. FPR is a technological innovation and a major step in the evolution of 3D TV.

K-POP Zone

If you are a K-Pop Lovers, 47LM7600 K-Pop ZoneLG will meet your needs with the application of K-Pop Zone. K-Pop Zone gives you exclusive content from concerts, interviews, K-Pop show that you can not find anywhere other than in this application.

Social Center

47LM7600 Social Center

Social Center / SNS provides a feature where you can use social networking applications like Facebook and Twitter while watching TV. This experience will be like watching TV with your friends, wherever they are.

Universal Search

Welcome to the Universal Search by just typing in keywords of the content you want. Universal Search will look for VOD content, online video from Youtube and broadcast material are available.

47LM7600 Product Details:

  • Product Dimensions: 41.9 x 10.4 x 27.6 inches ; 38.6 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 49 pounds
  • Shipping: Currently, item can be shipped only within the U.S.
  • ASIN: B006ZH0KVG
  • Item model number: 47LM7600
  • Batteries: 2 AAA batteries required. (included)
  • Average Customer Review:4.5 out of 5 stars  See all reviews
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank:#129 in Electronics
    • #5 in Electronics > Televisions & Video > Televisions
  • Date first available at Amazon.com: February 19, 2012


LG 47LM7600 Customer Review

There are so many happy customer  with their own review. But when I read them, I’m very interested with the Review by K. Valentine “Endless Ideas” (New Braunfels, Texas) that already purchase and use LG LM7600 since April, 2012. Read his review below:

This is a great TV!!! Good looks, excellent picture quality, and Simply SMART!.

I bought the 47LM7600 from Amazon with a special deal which included a LG Sound Bar (NB3520A) and six pair of glasses. I paid $1660 for the package. I also bought a Sanus VMF308 full-motion wall mount ($98 thru J&R) and a LG BD670 Blu-Ray player ($119) both from Amazon.

This TV will replace a 37″ Sharp LCD flat panel I purchased in 2005 with 1 HDMI input and 1 DVI input – the rest component, S-Video and RCA-jacks. That TV is going to our bedroom. I also purchased a 7.1 SONY surround sound receiver and built a complete system in 2005 that I’m still very happy with.

I was considering the Samsung 46″ ES8000, but the reviews on Amazon weren’t too favorable. The LG I bought and the Samsung were the only two I considered as I didn’t want to exceed the wall space I have which is 42.25″ with the LG at 41.9″. I didn’t want it covering a door molding. I also wanted some sort of Internet connected TV for use with Netflix, etc.


1. This TV is a real beauty with a thin Stainless steel bezel and a 1/4″ black border under the one-piece glass screen. Not having any bezel is really neat. It looks like the black obelisk at the opening of ’2001- A Space Odyssey.’ Everyone who sees it WOWS over it. It has a low gloss screen finish with only a tiny red LED light indicating it’s off. The red light is off when the TV is on.

2. The picture out of the box is outstanding via the HDMI connection. I plan to do some fiddling with the brightness, contrast, color etc. The only issue I had with the set-up was it took a little while for the HDMI to work. I would get just a black box covering most of the screen but the sound was on and playing and the video was playing outside the blacked off area on both ends of the screen. Then after about two minutes – the full picture appeared and it has performed flawlessly ever since. I’m using a Time Warner Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8240HDC DVR box to run the unit. I guess it had a slow handshake with HDMI and the TV.

3. I liked the package as it included the LG NB3520A sound bar with the wireless subwoofer. The 37″ Sharp it is replacing had a built in sound bar at the bottom of the TV and it gave excellent surround sound. I will agree with the reviewer who said the speakers are very good. And they are at lower volumes. When the sound is cranked up, the small built-in speakers sound tinny -you just can’t get great bassy sound out of a space that small. At least these TV speakers fire down rather than to the rear. The sound bar unit had no problem setting up and registering with the wireless subwoofer. It was a painless process. It also comes with a remote that has a section designed to control the LG TV. You can turn it off/on and adjust the volume. My wife is electronically challenged and this will make it very easy for her to use. The 7.1 system and all the bells and whistles were too complicated.

The only thing I don’t like about the sound bar is the black GLOSSY plastic housing. I wish it were a honed or matte finish which would reduce the reflection. It is hard to injection mold a piece of plastic that long without getting some waviness on the surface. It’s not a big deal but picky, picky on my part. I’d be happy if they sold it with an acoustic fabric on it to reduce the reflection. But LG and some other manufacturers seem to like the industrial look of the 6 `bare’ speakers.

I used LG’s template to install the sound bar under the TV with a recommended 4″ space. My wife and I think it’s too far so I’ll remount the sound bar so it’s just 1″ or so below the TV. This is a personal taste matter – like hanging a picture at what height is the correct height?

4. Magic Remote Control. This thing is really clever – like the Wii remote. It is very easy to use. One reviewer said the thing doesn’t aim correctly – as the axis of the remote and where the arrow is on the screen don’t match.

This is not a big deal to me as this remote is based on RF – radio frequency – and not the almost ubiquitous IR – InfraRed requiring a clear line of sight. You can put it behind your head and move it around and the arrow is always somewhere on the screen. You have to shake it slightly to get the arrow to appear – so if you move it slowly the arrow won’t appear at all. I like it and its so easy to use!!!

5. 3D and the glasses. The Samsung has active 3D glasses and the LG has passive glasses – the latter a la movie theater types. CNET Reviews have favored active-type glasses better – but a recent study by some `experts’ on the CNET website are now saying passive is just as good or better than active shutter glasses. To me the active glasses would be somewhat of a pain as they need batteries and might be more delicate with kids.

The 2 >3D button works and is fun to watch. I didn’t really want a 3D TV – but the high-end ones only come that way. After 3 days – I now find its fun to watch in 3D – and the very young grandkids love it trying to pluck things out of the air!!

6. Happy surprise

I hooked up the TV to the LAN via the recommended wire connection. That was also a flawless process and I jumped onto Google and it worked perfectly. I only played with it for 5 minutes. (I couldn’t figure out how to make it show full screen – so back to the manuals ;-) .

But the real Happy Surprise was getting a message in Windows Vista that Windows Media Player could connect with the LM7600 TV and play music, videos and photos on the TV. It asked did I want to set this up? I said with some trepidation…. Yes …and it said connected successfully. But no other comments or dialogue box was present.

A while later, I went to change inputs and used the Magic remote to bring up all the inputs – and there was the name of my PC as another available input. Holy Cow! So I selected that input and it brought up the folders for photos, music and videos. I selected a home video and it played. I was really impressed!

7. The second Happy surprise….

This morning when I turned on the TV there was a message from LG that there was an update to the TV firmware and did I want to install it? I said yes and off it went. It gave me a version number of the successful update and I guess I can go look that up to see what it does.

I also hooked up the BD670 Blu-Ray player with a LAN corded connection rather than use my router.

8. The wall mount – Sanus VMF308

I had the Sharp on a fixed wall mount I installed in 2005. `Fixed’ meaning I couldn’t pull it away from the wall. In the past, I lost the HD connection via a HDMI – DVI adaptor as the newer cable boxes came with HDMI only and not DVI. So everything I watched for the last 2 years was via Component (analog) and less than HD. If I had to take the TV off the wall to use the single HDMI port – I would have had to remove most of the cabling (and there was a lot of it with component and RCA jacks). I have the TV mounted on a wall in the family room, and the cables go thru that wall into my study with all components in a wall cabinet. I use a Niles IR Repeater to get the signal to the various components in the study. But it’s a clean and neat setup with no visible wiring or components. So for the new TV I wanted to get a super-slim wall mount that could glide away from the wall if I wanted to add/remove/change cables.

I found a Sanus VMF308 mount that’s only 1.1″ thick when flat, yet extends 8″ off the wall. It also tilts left, right and down and slides left to right, and right to left about 4 inches. That’s enough room to work on cables. It’s sold by J&R Electronics thru Amazon for $98. I think that’s a great bargain compared to the brick and mortar stores.

It has the VESA 400 bolt pattern for this 47″ TV and works great. (Edited: April 11, 2012: This wall mount model WILL handle 55″ as that also uses a VESA 400 bolt pattern. This is per the owner’s manual.) I decided to hacksaw away a ½’ by 2″ part of the bracket that goes on the TV as the power cable would be squashed by the mount. This could be easily remedied by using the range of spacers Sanus provides – but I wanted it to be as close to the wall as possible.

This setup has the TV and mount a total of only 2.5″ off the wall. It is wonderful.

In summary I am thrilled with this really slick and SMART TV. I’m a retired engineer and I’ll post updates as I discover things.

Hope this is useful to everyone!

EDITED April 19, 2012

I uploaded two photos of the sound bar location below the TV. The LG template has it 4″ below but it was too far in our opinion. So we reinstalled it with just a 1″ space which we like better. See photos.

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