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Now day the battle between  LED TV is no longer whose TV is biggest, but whose TV have the thinnest frames. And another good news that the 3D technology is getting mature today and LG succeeded to seize this moment.  In addition LG 47LM7600 CINEMA 3D TV has a wide perspective, allowing you to watch more flexible and comfortable. The color accuracy is REALLY excellent and motion handling is the Top of ANY TV I have had so far comparing with CRT, DLP, Plasma in the last few year.

For the price of the LG 47LM7600 is a great value considering all of the most advanced  SMART 3D TV. I can’t think of a better LED TV with all of the features I need and will frequently use. You also can setting for the level of 3D effect as you want. And many others features you can read below.I’m very sure with this TV, How about you?

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3D CINEMA LG appeared with frameless design which gives you experience as watching movies at home. With its ultra narrow bezel, you’ll see more of what matters. LG’s Cinema Screen features an elegant, groundbreaking design that looks beautiful, on or off.


LG 47LM7600 feature LED plusBesides the general advantages of LED such as crystal-clear images, crisp, and color depth, LED Plus provides color and contrast are really realistic with Spot Control technology. Want deeper blacks and richer colors? LG’s LED Plus technology provides even greater control of brightness through local dimming technology to deliver better contrast, amazing clarity and color detail, as well as greater energy efficiency compared to conventional LCD TVs.


LG 47LM7600 Certified Flicker Free

Unlike conventional 3D TV, 3D CINEMA LG Smart TV 47lm7600 has been certified and is able to provide flicker-free 3D images sharper. Eye more easily capture clear images and crisp. Now your TV can keep up with the fastest moving scenes, and you also can see sports, video games and high-speed action with virtually no motion blur and in crystal clarity with LG’s TruMotionTM 240Hz technology.


47LM7600 Comfortable 3D Glasses

3D Cinema glasses are very lightweight, battery-free and affordable prices. Besides the 3D CINEMA TV has wide viewing angle, makes you watch the more flexible and convenient.


LG 47LM7600 Customer Review

After I read many of satisfied users of this 47lm7600, you can read some of LG 47LM7600 review below. My objective that you can found what you looking for and hope that this information can helps you to make the right decision to buy this product.

By C. Smith, June 11, 2012
Amazing TV
I purchased the 47LM7600. I always purchase LG electronics if I can and this TV will definitely cause me to stick to that purchase habit. This TV is nothing short of amazing. The remote works flawlessly (those with cats however, beware, they will attack the arrow moving back and forth on the screen given the chance). The color is perfect, and I love that it has 5ghz 802.11n built in for fast wifi streaming. The 3D itself works great and we ran through a whole 3d library the first week (Final Destination 5 was WAY cool).One thing I am a little disappointed on, not with the TV, but with LG itself is that Amazon instant Video has been removed from their 2012 lineup. I have other devices (PS3) where I can utilize this perk of my Prime account, but It would be much nicer to have the app built into the TV. This would not prevent me from recommending this TV to anyone.The LG 47LM7600 has now become a permanent family member (and arguably the most beautiful :-P ).
By Todd Walker, June 10, 2012
Absolutely the best TV for the price!!
Absolutely the best TV for the price!! I’ve been looking a long time for a TV and decided on LG for 3 main reasons: Price, Picture, and Passive 3D. I bought my parents the LG 47LW5600 for $900.00 on 12/12/11 which is an excellent TV and my friend has the 47LW5700 also very good, (the 5600 is better between the two), but this TV is a big improvement over the 2011 models. The glossy screen doesn’t reflect as bad as you think and it does seem to help the image “pop” more. The TV is a work of art, and the stand looks cool too (which swivels), I thought I would hate the motion remote but I got so used to it that when I used my friend’s regular remote it seemed slow going through the menus, (only wish it had dedicated input and exit buttons). You have a lot of control over the picture quality (each of the standard settings give you access to different options) and over all I found it best to have real cinema ON, and TruMotion on 3 Smooth. There’s no blur at all and the black levels are pro, I play COD MW3 on PS3 and there’s NO Input LAG (you have to use “Game Mode” setting) which you can tweak safely without creating LAG, I have it looking UNBELIEVABLE!!! I also have it on HDMI input 1 (seems to work the best). To summarize I bought the LG 47LM7600 on Amazon New for $1,050.00 (no tax, free shipping) on 05/28/12, the picture is UNREAL, the passive 3D is excellent, and gaming is great (must be in “Game Mode”) also it’s nice that it comes with 6 pairs of 3D glasses, and shipping was ridiculously fast.


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